Jim is a second-generation hypnotist, taught at an early age by a family member, many of the techniques that he still uses today. Mentors and friends in the hypnosis community have taught him some of the other techniques he has perfected. Jim continues to change and improve his techniques, by continuing education courses and personal study. Over the years he has developed and honed his skills and is considered by many to be one of the most powerful and skilled hypnotists in the country.

Over the years he has experimented with using his techniques with friends and soon ventured into the BDSM world as well as the LGBT community. Jim has always been a “Daddy” or “Coach.” He believes that everyone needs a little help and encouragement in a non-judgmental way at some point of our lives. Many people appreciate the Daddy approach at mentoring and coaching.
Jim has been dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and goals. He is a strong believer in teaching people how to transform their lives. 
Jim brought his craft to the world via the internet mover than 20 years ago. Over the years, he has helped to transform the lives of over a thousand men and women across the globe.

Jim is an experienced and imaginative coach along with being a hypnotist.

Jim currently lives near Palm Springs, California. He works with clients old and new, as well as creating a myriad of MP3 recordings. He continues to lecture and educate whenever he can.

About Jim
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Life Coach, Jim Torbet